Be an educated consumer:

Being aware of what you consume can play a huge role on your health.  Reading Ingredient labels is the only way you know for sure if the contents are healthy, regardless of what the packaging says.  My rule of thumb is, ‘less is best, and if I can’t pronounce it, I don’t put it in my mouth’. It is possible those long compound chemical combinations could be poisonous or worse carcinogenic, just google it!

It is worth taking a few minutes to research the effects of Artificial additives, including:

  • flavors,
  • sweeteners,
  • colors, and
  • preservatives.

Find out what the side effects are for consuming them over a long period of time.  The dosages we have on a daily basis may not affect us for 5,10 or 20 years. It can be a slow debilitating process.

Other red flags found on labels are ‘fortified’, ‘enriched’ or ‘enhanced’. If something is fortified, enriched or enhanced, it means that the original source, either never had the nutrient, or it has been bleached, refined or processed so much, there isn’t any nutrients left.

The a little bit of ‘enhanced Vitamin C or B’ that is introduced back into the batter, is typically a synthetic vitamin and will not be absorbed or assimilated.  In other words, will not have any nutritional significance.

Another common toxin found in many foods, especially breads and baked goods is Bleach.  Yes, I said bleach.  When you see bleached flour on the bag of baking flour, or on the ingredient list, it means what it says, it has been bleached.

All of these things have been proven to contribute to a plethora of symptoms including:

  • brain fog,
  • inflammation,
  • neurological disorders,
  • hormonal imbalances,
  • leaky gut, auto immune,
  • behavior issues
  • and a laundry list of impairments

It’s true, you may be consuming a lot of the above mentioned food items and be symptom free today, but just like making the choice to buy a well made car that is know to have a long lasting engine that runs on quality fuel, if you put corn syrup in the gas tank, it will shorten the life expectancy.  Feed your body like the Lamborghini that it is.