My Story

I grew up on the standard American diet have “whole wheat” cereal for breakfast, sandwich at lunch meat and potato dinner.

Growing up I always had difficulty functioning in the morning. I was always dragging, and had brain fog. In the evenings I’d experience insomnia, and suffered with tremendous itchy skin, which went undiagnosed until my 20’s. Of course, that led to a lot of moodiness and mood swings. All this started in my adolescence. And the psoriasis, which now I know is a controllable auto immune disease.

My adult years I spent on the low-fat no fat diet. I would eat a lot of carbs, gluten and sugar and when I did consume fat, it was unhealthy processed fat found in: chips, French fries, ice cream, or baked goods. 

While a Body Builder, getting ready for a competition, I herniated 2 lumbar discs which = chronic inflammation for 30 years, OTC pain killers and sleeping pills. Because of that, there have been periods when I wasn’t able to exercise. And at one point I was over 200 pounds.

About 3 years ago, I noticed my already poor memory was getting worse and I mean really worse; to the point I was afraid I had dementia or early Alzheimer’s. I was having a really hard time reading. I would stare at a word, but not able to recognize or say it. Conveying a thought through speech was getting hard. I would have difficulties completing a sentence, because I couldn’t find the words or even know what the words were. I would stand there and point at ‘that thing’

Indeed, it was very frustrating and scary. My kids at the time were 9 & 10. They of course thought it was funny, bless their hearts, but I didn’t think so. All of these health issues and related brain issues continued until about a year ago. 

 In July 2016, I collapsed in bed with the worse migraine I had ever had and didn’t get out of bed for 3 weeks. Long story short, the diagnoses came back: Adrenal burnout, blood sugar issues, extremely low immunity, pathogens, Epstein-Barr, and gluten intolerance. I thought I was dying. Never did I think, or was aware that all of these habits or lifestyle choices, lead to my physical and mental disorders. Including: mood swings, memory and cognitive impairments, insomnia, inflammation conditions, autoimmune disorders, concentration problems, depression, headaches and migraines and chronic stress.

Although I considered myself healthy at the time, I look back now and see how little by little I was being poisoned. And because I was unaware of ways to detoxify, my body never had an opportunity to rest, reset, rejuvenate and recover. I finally crashed.

Through the help of my Functional Medicine Dr. and the book “The Autoimmune Solution” I went on the AIP Elimination Diet for 90 days, and enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am happy to be here today to share with you what I have not only learned, but what I have lived. And can testify, first hand, that food is medicine.