We all enjoy the company of friends and loved ones this time of year. But sometimes we have a tendency to over indulge.  Here are some easy steps to help us navigate the celebrations without gaining an ounce.

Dip, don’t dive.
Instead of using chips or breads in your dip, opt for dipping vegetables.  The nutrients and fiber will leave you feeling more satisfied and you will be less likely to eat too much.  Additionally, the magnesium found in cucumbers can combat muscle fatigue and headaches from too much ‘cheer’.

Switch hands. 
If you are out to dinner and realize your plate is almost empty, while others are just starting, try eating with your nondominant hand (if you are right-handed, eat with your left).  Research indicates that you eat 30% less when you eat with your non-dominant hand.  It interrupts the automatic hand to mouth flow.

Stagger your bites and drinks.
In between bites do another activity. For example, one bite and then one comment to your dining partner.  Or, one bite, one sip of water.  This technique can also be applied to cocktails.  Switching between sparkling water, spritzed with lemon/lime will not only help keep your blood sugars low, but can help you have a better night’s sleep.

Just observe. 
Notice how quickly or slowly other people eat.  Focus on a person who is enjoying the conversations and the food at a comfortable, calming pace. Use their pace to help you set your own.  Intentionally eat slower or in tandem with another person’s bites.

Use these simple suggestions to shift from going overboard to smooth sailing through the season.

Peace and Blessings to you and your family.